About us



The Clear Lake Child Care program provides a comprehensive approach to education and safety for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

We use research-based assessments and curriculum that are recommended by reputable organizations like CLI, UT Health & Science to ensure that children are receiving high-quality education that is grounded in best practices.

Incorporating basic Spanish and sign language into the daily curriculum is an excellent way to expose children to new languages and cultures, and it can help broaden their horizons and build important cognitive and social skills.

We also provide transportation to and from public schools as a convenient and valuable service for working parents, and as we are committed to supporting families in the community.

Our teachers are certified, well-trained, and nurturing. Having caring and knowledgeable teachers is crucial for providing a safe and supportive learning environment for children. Overall, the goal of our program is to offer a well-rounded and inclusive approach to child care that values education, safety, and diversity.