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The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) offers childcare assistance to eligible low-income families through their Workforce Solutions program. The program is designed to help working parents, parents who are in job training or education programs, and parents who are looking for work to access quality, affordable childcare services for their children.

Eligibility for the program is determined by income and family size, and families must meet certain work or education requirements to qualify. The program provides financial assistance to help families pay for childcare services from licensed and regulated childcare providers in their area.

In addition to financial assistance, Workforce Solutions also offers support and resources to help families find quality childcare providers and to promote the healthy development of children in their care. This includes referrals to health and social services, and assistance with developmental screenings for young children.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Workforce Solutions childcare assistance program in Texas, you can visit the TWC website or contact your local Workforce Solutions office for more information.

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Child care-related matters can and often do affect the daily routine of parents in the workplace. Finding a way to pay for child care so that parents can keep their jobs or train for better jobs is a constant challenge for many working families. That’s why Workforce Solutions helps eligible working families pay for child care.  If you have questions,  call Workforce Solutions at 1-888-469-5627